The No One Should Die Alone Foundation works in partnership with Ardent Hospice & Palliative Care to ensure that unfunded patients receive the same compassionate, end-of-life care support as those blessed with more fortune. During the admissions process, every patient is assessed to determine if additional support not provided by the hospice benefit is needed.

Whether a patient is without family or needs companionship, help paying a bill, assistance with burial arrangements, or another form of financial or emotional support, the No One Should Die Alone Foundation can help. We offer three categories of patient support: Necessities for Life, Life Enhancements and Wish Fulfillment.

Necessities for Life

The No One Should Die Alone Foundation understands basic human needs must be met in order to feel a sense of peace. This is especially true at the end of life…

During our admissions process, each patient’s holistic needs are assessed to determine if support not provided by the hospice benefit is needed. Upon completion of the assessment and evaluation by the board, No One Should Die Alone Foundation can assist patients, their caregivers, and loved ones with necessities for life, including the following:

  • Hospice & Palliative Care services for the patients with limited to no resources
  • Groceries / Food
  • Utilities
  • General Burial
  • Rent / Mortgage
  • Appliances
  • Assistive Devices
  • Clothing
  • Pest Control

To us, the most important life necessity is for our patients to know that they matter. Providing patients with additional help, small gifts, and life essentials not only gives them a higher quality of life, but also lets them know that they’re cared for and loved. No one should die alone.

Life Enhancements

Beyond providing patients with the necessities for a better life, the No One Should Die Alone Foundation supports patients with life enhancements to enrich their final days. Life enhancements aren’t necessarily material items; often, they are experiences or counseling to help patients understand and cope with their circumstances. We simply aim to make our patients’ lives more fulfilling at the end through enhancements such as the following:

  • Education and educational tools
  • Spiritual assistance and materials
  • Cleaning assistance and supplies
  • Small things that matter
  • Travel
  • Personal spa treatments
  • Therapies
  • Transportation
  • Veteran recognition
  • Celebrations

It’s important for patients to have support and understand that what they’re going through is normal, and they’re not alone in going through it. Because of the life enhancements No One Should Die Alone Foundation provides, patients are relieved to know that somebody cares about them, and that they have someone to turn to for peace, guidance, and direction.

Wish Fulfillment

Sometimes patients’ needs and wishes are more complicated. The No One Should Die Alone Foundation uses its wish fulfillment program to bring patients’ last wishes to light. Whether it’s skydiving, riding a Harley Davidson Motorcycle, or feeling the sand between their toes one last time—No One Should Die Alone fulfills patients’ last desires before they move on.

Typically a patient’s request is a simple thing that we may take for granted. To some people, a patient’s wish may seem silly or plain, but to each patient that wish brings joy, makes his or her life complete, and brings him or her a peaceful end of life. We can’t put into words how emotional it is to experience a patient’s pure gratitude and see the smile on his or her face knowing someone cares enough about his or her happiness to see a life-long wish come true.

Special Programs & Extended Support

Beyond caring for our patients, it’s also important that we extend that care to their families as well. No One Should Die Alone Foundation provides special programs and extended support to educate families and loved ones and help them deal and cope with their loss. Additionally, NOSDAF supports community education, end-of-life care research, and special programs such as:

The Heritage Project

The Heritage Project provides patients and families with recorded memories to keep and treasure. Through the Heritage Project, individual families are gifted with Remembrance Bears patterned from the patient’s clothing, voice or video recordings of the patient’s life story, hand-knitted blankets for the patients, books designed from collected family photos, personalized greeting cards for loved ones, and/or published copies of a patient’s recipes for future generations to enjoy.

Bereavement Camps & Retreats

Foundation funded bereavement camps and retreats offer families—particularly those with young children and adolescents—a supportive environment to deal with their grief and confusion following the death of a loved one. These retreats take children out of a clinical setting and put them in more relaxed surroundings, where they can meet and spend time with peers who have experienced similar losses. It gives them the chance to open up, make life-long relationships, and begin to heal on their own terms.

Bereavement Resource Library

We offer patients and family members access to a resource library of helpful educational tools for both children and adults who are experiencing a loss or caring for a dying individual. These grief tools are extremely important because everyone grieves in his or her own way and at his or her own time. Our books, videos, and CDs allow patients and their loved ones to cope on a personal level, in the comfort of their own space. This special giving library is accessible to all patients, families, loved ones, and caregivers.