Who We Are

The No One Should Die Alone Foundation was founded in 2012 after seeing so many patients in hospice care essentially dying alone—without family or a support system. Our foundation was created to raise money for families who are unable to be with their loved ones; it allows us to hire a caregiver to be with them and hold their hands so they don’t die alone.

Compassionate end-of-life support encompasses many aspects of care. Not only is it vital to treat a dying patient’s pain and symptoms, in order to assist patients and their loved ones through the death and dying process, dedicated professionals must also recognize and understand a dying person’s emotional, spiritual, and mental needs as well. Whether practical, spiritual, or a dream never materialized, No One Should Die Alone Foundation is here to help patients cope with their life-limiting illnesses and bring them peace in the knowledge that they are loved and cared for at the end of their lives.

Our Mission

Where there is breath there is hope. Where there is hope there are dreams. Where there are dreams there is laughter.

The No One Should Die Alone Foundation believes that small acts of compassion can have a profound impact on the lives of hospice patients and their loved ones. We deliver peace of mind to patients and their loved ones by providing life-enhancing provisions, enrichments, and memories to last for generations.

One of the goals of the No One Should Die Alone Foundation is to understand the emotions and confusion when people die, and to create support and offer care for those who may be dying alone. By honoring the lives of our patients during the end-of-life process, the No One Should Die Alone Foundation empowers patients and families to participate in building a legacy of their own dreams.

Our Partners

The No One Should Die Alone Foundation has chosen to partner with Ardent Hospice & Palliative Care because they are a successful model in providing supportive care to people who are in the end stages of life. Because Ardent’s staff and nurses are the ones in the field with the patients, they can alert us of each patient’s and family’s needs. Then we can come in and help enhance the quality of live through dedicated care.

As we grow we look forward to creating new partnerships to give our patients the best care possible.